Thursday, July 9, 2009


A fictional journal, this is a small story about a plasma physicist
who later in life begins a new career as a philosopher of science.
He is interested in Metaphysics, which involves both Cosmology
(the nature of the universe) and Ontology (the nature of being).

On a pilgrimage, this philosopher walks down the paths of the
New Cosmology, Smart Code, and Consciousness Research
in the hope of discovering an Intelligent Plenum, the Ground
of the Universe, the Godhead.

He first examines the Sun religions of the ancient Mediterranean
civilizations, culminating in the Sol Invictus onto the Pantocrator--
the Lord of the Universe. He can discern the *continuum* of
ideas in this quest; and, in tandem, he sees similar ideas in
Greek philosophy.

He believes this historical "intuition" about the universe might
be found in the new data brought forth by modern scientific
efforts about the world in which we live, whether the far reaches
of the Cosmos or the close knowledge of the Earth, itself.

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