Thursday, July 9, 2009

(4) Earth Home

Indeed, I began to realize something that I hadn't considered
before. It was after attending an astronomy lecture at the
university. The speaker was talking about the Hubble revelations,
showing pictures of star nurseries, cosmic birth, cosmic death,
and then he said that with each cycle of death and birth of stars,
our suns, that there are ever more complex ingredients that
enable the process unto an ever finer quality of existence. That
little tidbit shook me, because this consideration was exactly what
I felt that I was observing when it came to Earth's natural systems!

It was about moving from the simple to the complex. In today's
world we are dealing with self-generating complex systems, if you
will. One can see it in the galaxies, in the galaxy clusters, in the
cycle of ever birthing suns and their solar systems. The cosmos
went from primordial soup on into a cooling period, wherein over
billions of years that minuscule that we deem "normal matter"
re-formed itself over and over, becoming ever more complex
and capable of sustaining the Seeds of Life.

And perhaps it should be no surprise that Earth follows this very
same pattern! Had I stumbled onto something incredible? I believe
so, and I'm willing to bet that's why some scientists are starting to
see all this cosmic process, the process on our own planet, through
new eyes. There's Something behind all this, and just maybe it's
about Intelligence!

All I have to do is look at the formation of Mind right here on Earth.
Once we humans got over our hubris about being the one and
only intelligent creature on the planet, we started looking around
more dispassionately. It seems we might share higher levels of
intelligence with the whale, maybe even with the dolphins. And
now with all the zoological studies underway, scientists are noting
different levels of intelligence and emotion amongst other animals.
It would seem that Mind (or Intelligence) is slowly rising, not only
vertically but horizontally, on this planet amongst some of its life

What might be behind this? An intelligent plenum? If so, how
does all this work? Code, smart code?

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