Thursday, July 9, 2009

(4) Smart Code

Genetic Code is present in all of the Earth's life forms, including us!
It's a set of rules, by which information is encoded in genetic material
(i.e., DNA or RNA sequences). In my journal, I mainly am focusing on
DNA--deoxyribonucleic acid, which is a double-stranded molecule
twisted into a helix--like a spiral staircase. Hence we have the Double

Reading into this, each strand in a helix is comprised of a "sugar-
phosphate backbone and numerous base chemicals attached in
pairs." And the four "bases" that make up the spiraling are
(A) adenine, (T) thymine, (C) cytosine, and (G) guanine. Hence
we have a *code* that make scientists--again--liken such to computer
software. This four-part genetic alphabet can combine into complex
sequences that "act as instructions to guide the formation and
functioning of the host cell."

Some scientists refer to the Genetic Code as a "floppy disk of binary
code." Only in this case the "sequencing and function of the Genetic
Code is enormously complex." I should say so! During a lecture I
attended on DNA, the geneticist made the most amazing statement:
The Human Genome Project revealed that our DNA sequence
provided enough information to fill six or seven telephone directories!

As for what stands behind the Genetic Code, I'm sure people have
all sorts of opinions. I'll hold off on that for awhile. On the other hand,
the Genetic Code is more than a theory. It's a fact-of-life, to toss a
pun. It's real, right here on Earth--a planet in a galaxy that is part of
the universe. It's a Smart Code, moving, mutating in some life forms
towards higher levels of Intelligence.

So, at least, I had found a small piece of evidence. A Cosmic Code
does exist, existing in our very own DNA. And it's complex, and
obviously capable of become ever more complex infinitum. I have
to wonder how this Genetic Code, this Smart Code, might display
itself on other life-sustaining planets.

Yes, imagination is a wondrous ability. I'm just glad that I am
conscious of all this, and that my mind can soar with the possibilities.
Pondering, I knew that the next stop of my pilgrimage had to be the
study of Consciousness.

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