Thursday, July 9, 2009

(4) Cosmic Contour

At least some major cosmological theorists say out-loud
that there is a Plenum of the Universe. My attention perked for
a moment, thinking back to our religio-philosophical intuitions
of a Solar Logos that serves as the Cosmic Plenum, But hold
on! There just might be a problem. Could be that our universe
is *not* the one and only universe!

The theories maybe are getting out-of-hand. There's the
theory that there is a multi-universe derived from the many-
worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. In quantum
mechanics, there is this paradoxical situation in which an
object often seems to exist in two or more different states at
the same time. (Remember the dual character of light, or
electron, sometimes appearing as a wave, sometimes a particle.)

The many-worlds interpretation deals with this, theorizing that
if an electron seems to exist in two states, then that at every
quantum mechanical event, the universe splits into two, This
could go on infinitum, it you will. And ultimately this could lead
to incredibly huge numbers of branching universes.

Gasping, I found yet another theory that really is boggling--
especially if true. That there is a Parent Universe that spawns
universes, including ours. I found this interesting, because a
little thought passed my mind when I studied more about the
Big Bang. It seemed as if this event was like a "birthing."
Maybe this theory of a Parent Universe isn't so way out after

But as for the Solar Logos, well what little we know from our
empirical observations of the universe tell us little that is
definitive. In this small journal, my account of my pilgrimage,
I have only touched upon some of the cosmological theoretics
floating about; and they do lend to insight, and scientists and
some theologians are wondering aloud about this strange
world in which we live.

Is there a Who-Ever who made it, a Creator? Or is the universe
or multi-worlds or Parent Universe "it"? And what might be the
nature of such a Parent or Creator? A magician, a mathematician?
As a philosopher, I find this whole business nearly unbelieavble.
The Cosmic Contour is just that--for us, a mysterious outline of
some sort of shape or form that we live in, that somehow shapes us.

I decided that my next move was to examine our own little part of
the universe--hoping to make more sense out of the world, I
decided to try to understand better the natural systems of our
Mother Earth.

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