Thursday, July 9, 2009

(1) Coda

Chapter Eight. CODA

I have at last come to the end of my pilgrimage. Need I say that
I have spent a goodly number of years, covering a lot of territory
during this quest of mine. As for gaining more insight, more
knowledge, I guess I have--mainly via the work of other scientists
who have struggled long and hard to understand their subject:
the universe.

After all this, however, I have reached that juncture as to what I
think about the universe, about the possibility of a Cosmic Plenum
that I prefer to call "Sol."

Basically I think that we are dealing with what I call the three "I's."
• Intelligence
• Information
• Intuition

Though I definitely realize that we are dealing only with
possibilities, only through speculation, it's scientific speculation
in that at least some of our scientific luminaries do dare to wonder
that our universe might be an Informed Universe. And where there is
Information, well there has to be Intelligence that stands behind it.
As for Intuition, we conscious humans--being part and parcel of the
universe--logically are recipients of this Intelligence and the
Information that it evolves. Through our minds, we are receivers
of Such.

Nevertheless, I realize fully that we good Homo Sapiens are not
exactly on the edge of Total Breakthrough, if you will. We folk
have been a long time coming; and, quite frankly, I believe we
are barely fledglings. But there are those among us who are
questers, who are on pilgrimage. And some have committed
their whole life towards trying to understand what stands behind
the universe in which we live.

As for me, my small journal serves as an infrastructure for my
"opus." Lots of research stands behind this journal, and now I
need put it together in a serious scholarly way. Such an effort
will probably take the rest of my life, but I'm not complaining.
Can't think of anything better to do!

Now concluding, I do hold hope in "Sol." I do believe there
surely is a LIGHT that stands behind Life and the World. Perhaps
this is my faith unfurling, but I don't think such a hope is totally

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  1. Enlightening, educational, and thought provoking. I have never read a better description of "Knowing".