Thursday, July 9, 2009

(1) Cosmic Contour


Reflecting on my small foray into religious concepts about the
Solar Logos, I had to wonder over whether this "intuition" that
reigned over the centuries was somehow connected with the
natural universe as we know it. If so, how would I even begin
to get a handle on this development? Yet there seems a dogged
pugnacity involved on the part of humans to believe that there
*is* an underlying Godhead, if you will. So I needed to try.

As a retired physicist, of course I was familiar with scientific
lingo and vaguely familiar with modern scientific discoveries
and theoretics. This gave me an advantage, I suppose, but I
needed to hone-in on such. There was the university's physics
department, but the professors there suggested that for my
particular pilgrimage I should once again "go down the street"
to talk with the folk at the Institute for Advanced Study.

Naturally I knew about this world famous institute, harboring
some of the greatest scientific minds on the planet--past and
present. However, I had never visited the place. Located on
Einstein Drive, appropriatetly so, I was surprised coming up
towards the institute. There was a huge field, looking more
like a cow pasture than a lawn that led towards the main

I felt like a beggar, with hat-in-hand, talking to people at the
receptionist's desk. Once again I was mumbling around trying
to work through what I seemingly was after. Somehow I
managed to make clear that I was trying to connect an
on-going spiritual intuition with modern cosmological theoretics,
"Oh!" said the receptionist, "then you will have to talk with the
people over at the institute's School of Natural Sciences."

So I trotted over to the school to meet yet another receptionist,
again repeating my inquiry. Well, my best bet would be to talk
to people who were connected with the physics and astronomy
research teams. I felt a certain trepidation talking to some of
the faculty, considering the scientific stardom of this place.
But much to my surprise, the people with whom I talked were
pleasantly friendly.

It turned out that some of the institute's stars were not at all
adverse to a spiritual consideration when it came to the cosmos.
After all, some of their former giants--like Albert Einstein, David
Bohm, and Freeman Dyson--held to such considerations in
their own particular way.

Anyway, I frankly didn't know where to begin when it came to
this new stage in my pilgrimage. Thanks to these kind scientists
at the institute, I once again was supplied with a hefty reading
list of spiritually-oriented books written by scientists. I was
quite surprised that there were so many!

My more immediate problem, however, was how to approach
what I considered the "cosmic contour" of the Solar Logos.
Eventually I decided to get into the description of recent science
theories about the universe. I guess I was somewhat reverting
back to being a scientist and philosopher, plodding carefully.
Still I felt that I was moving into an adventure as I began my long
journey into the New Cosmology.

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