Thursday, July 9, 2009

(4) Consciousness

What to do? Like my quest towards understanding Code, I felt that
there really was no solid door to walk through when it came to the
issue of Consciousness. At least there was Genetic Code, a physical
reality in the life-forms we know on Earth. But with Consciousness,
it's not always apparently physical.

Some researchers believe the "materialist" approach is the way that
we can ultimately understand Consciousness. Conversely there's the
"idealist" approach that thinks otherwise--that Consciousness is
somehow non-material, perhaps even ethereal.

From what I could tell, we humans have not yet even come to any
conclusive understanding of Consciousness. All we know is that it

Somehow this mystery of Consciousness brought to mind a lecture
I once attended by a famous astronomer. Discussing recent
cosmological discoveries, he stopped suddenly, grew silent, and
then said the most interesting thing. He had realized that our
mind, our consciousness, must somehow be connected with the
universe--because astronomy is not a bench science, where we
can touch and feel. Rather we seem to understand our observations,
distant and complex, when it comes to Cosmology. We seem to
be able to do this naturally, and more than often we are right
when it comes to our analyses. It's as if we are part and parcel
of the universe, and our consciousness is somehow connected
to Such.

It made me think that, yes, just maybe we are possibly what I have
come to call "Consciousness Points" rising forth in the universe.
I have to wonder whether that throughout the millions of galaxies,
there are Consciousness Points, pondering upon the meaning of
All this that Is.

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