Thursday, July 9, 2009

(4) Pilgrimage

The Stoics consider the Logos as the Soul of the Universe, especially
as the "Reason" of the universe. Matter was evolved by the Pneuma of
the Logos, the Spirit if you were. And the Logos-Pneuma stood behind
the Laws of Nature. As for Man, well they declared him as a microcosm
to the Macrocosm.

Plato's philosophy seemed more engaged with the archetypes of the
Mind. Before we could conceive of empirical abstractions, they must have
existed *apriori* as archetypal abstractions in our mind. To conceive of
the circle and the square, for example, they must have somehow
existed first in our minds.

As for *apriori*, well that led to Kant's philosophy. He was a super cool
customer. On the other hand, there's Hegel whose spiritual philosophy
is nearly indecipherable. I spent hours upon hours trying to work through

Nonetheless, without going into any serious detail of these above-
mentioned philosophies, they led me to another place. Talking one
day to one of my professors, I told him that somehow I felt a detached
"coldness" in their descriptions of the Godhead. Does philosophy
have to be so removed? So distant from the greater pool of humanity?

Though a teacher of Classical Philosophy my professor said that in
spite of my prejudice against Religion I should look into the various
insights and interpretations of the "Solar Logos." Religiously speaking,
the Solar Logos has a long history down through the centuries, via
many cultures, wandering through our great civilizations. I was
puzzled by his remarks, but I was inclined to take his advice.

So where might I go to learn more about the Solar Logos. My
philosophy professor said "just down the street." This surprised me,
whatever did he mean? He was pointing towards the Princeton
Theological Seminary, where one can dig into religious gold-mines.

So, awhile later--following my retirement from the Laboratory--I made
contact with the seminary. I had started out on my pilgrimage. I was
in pursuit of the Solar Logos.

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